Geffdog Design & Apparel

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Email  Alaina Oswald  |  Manager
Email  Patty Becker  | Sales Manager
Email  Lyndee Gienger  |  Customer Service, Shipping & Receiving
Email  Tabitha Martinmaas  |  Customer Service, Graphic Designer
Email  Jessica Luebeck |  Graphic Designer
  Carrie Wegleitner  | Graphic Designer
Email  Jana Bosma  | Embroidery
Email  Melissa Fisher  | Embroidery
Email  Lisa Harbert  | Embroidery
Email  Jesse Heinz  | Graphic Designer, Sales
Email  Nicki Moch  | Production
Email  Tyler Anderson  | Graphic Designer
Email  Erica Kyle-Wagner | Graphic Designer
Promotional Marketing Consultant
Email  Tyler Anderson | Graphic Designer
Email  Erica Kyle-Wagner | Website Manager
Mike Salem | Co-Owner
Patty Becker | Co-Owner
Chris Woolverton  |  Co-Owner
Email | Owners